This innovative new work was originally commissioned by Bleach* Festival and is a fun-fuelled interactive journey of exploration and creativity for kids and families.

In this site specific, promenade show, the audience will meet a range of mythical Australian Creatures, observe them in their habitat, be mesmerized by their physicality, and share the laughs as each has a physical encounter with the Tour Guide, Pat Malone!

At the conclusion of the guided tour, The Magic Garden takes a whole new twist as kids are invited to become a creature too!

At the creature-making workshop, kids can transform themselves into their own mythical creature, using a range of supplied materials including cardboard, rope, paper cups, fabrics and bamboo. With the help of talented artists from Shock Therapy Productions and shaped by their imaginations, it could be a set of wings, a mask, fins or a pair of claws.

Dressed as their mythical creature, kids will be invited to bring their creature to life as they participate in a physical theatre workshop alongside the cast of The Magic Garden.


This version of The Magic Garden is the same hilarious and whacky adventure, told in a traditional stage show format, designed for stages, theatres and school touring with a running time of 45minutes.

Read more about the show here.

Written by: SAM FOSTER & HAYDEN JONES. Starring: SAM FOSTER , HAYDEN JONES AND ELLEN BAILEY. The overall experience for families is a 60-75 minute adventure.  Please contact us for more information.