Medea is a former Barbarian Princess who left her world behind for the man she loves. When she learns that her husband Jason, leader of the Argonauts, is planning to leave her to marry Glauce, the Greek Princess of Corinth, her love and passion turns to blind rage. With her place in Greek society already under threat, Medea is then banished into exile. This devastating betrayal drives Medea to plot a shocking and calculated revenge on Jason, and take back control in a society ruled by men. 

Shock Therapy Productions add their signature touch to this psychological thriller, one of the greatest classics of the western canon. This stylised, minimalist production combines conventions of traditional Greek Theatre, Epic Theatre, Physical Theatre and multiple role playing, to deliver an intense and gripping experience accompanied by a thumping contemporary soundtrack.

Starring: ELLEN BAILEY, SAM FOSTER  AND HAYDEN JONES. Please contact us for more information.