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The overall experience for families is a 60-75 minute adventure.  

This innovative new work commissioned by Bleach* Festival is a fun-fuelled interactive journey of exploration and creativity for kids, as they travel through the ‘Magic Gardens’ and surrounds of Robina Town Centre Promenade.

Along the way, the kids will meet a range of mythical Australian creatures, observe them in their habitat, be mesmerized by their physicality, and share the laughs as each has a physical encounter with the Tour Guide. 

At the conclusion of the 30 minute guided tour, the Magic Garden takes a whole new twist as kids are invited to become a
‘creature’ too!

At the creature-making workshop in the custom built ‘Nest’, kids can transform themselves into their own mythical creature, using a range of supplied materials including cardboard, rope, paper cups, fabrics and bamboo. With the help of talented artists from Shock Therapy Productions and shaped by their imaginations, it could be a set of wings, a mask, fins or a pair of claws.

Dressed as their mythical creature, kids will be invited to bring their creature to life as they participate in a physical theatre workshop alongside the cast of Magic Garden

Starring/Written by: SAM FOSTER & HAYDEN JONES


Touring Queensland  Schools in 2017.  Please contact us for more information.

You are sitting on the bus on the way home from a hard days work, quietly minding your own business when an argument breaks out. You overhear that the disagreement is racially motivated. The argument heats up and the threat of violence increases. A young girl takes out a mobile phone and starts to film the event. What do you do? Do you continue to sit quietly? Do you speak up and risk becoming the victim of a violent attack? When you get home that evening you get online to realise the footage from the event has gone Viral.

Viral is a new work written and devised by Shock Therapy Productions. It explores the role of social media and technology and how it impacts the way we record, communicate and think about events of racism, abuse, violence and sexual assault in the community.

It explores the line between disassociation and raising awareness about such events, asking the question “is it better to record these activities and post it on the Internet or step in and stop it from occurring in the first place”?

Viral was inspired by a number of true events and broader societal changes facing Gold Coasters and the wider community. The show has been developed through a series of community consultation workshops aimed at gathering true accounts of acts of discrimination against a variety of marginalised groups.

Starring/Written by: SAM FOSTER & HAYDEN JONES



Touring Denmark & Norway in February 2017.  Please contact us for tour information.

Inspired by the rare medical condition “Locked-in syndrome”, in which a patient is fully aware but cannot move or communicate verbally due to complete paralysis of nearly all voluntary muscles in the body except for the eyes.

Locked In is a multidisciplinary, physical performance exploring human connection, communication and our sensory and extrasensory experience of the physical world.

The piece is inspired by the novel The Diving Bell and The Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby and will fuse physical performance, sound and projection and other digital effects.

Produced by Shock Therapy Productions, Locked In is a collaboration of International artists .


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Written by Martin McDonagh, The Pillowman is set in a Police interrogation room in a totalitarian state, a writer is questioned over the content of some short stories, which bear an uncanny similarity to real-life murders of children.

This provocative and thoroughly entertaining piece uses razor sharp, rapid-fire dialogue to explore themes such as oppression, control, censorship, and the role of trauma in shaping human behaviour.

Our interpretation of The Pillowman fuses text based theatre, physical theatre, shadow work, multimedia and puppetry in a dynamic multidisciplinary production.

In 2015 Shock Therapy Production presented The Pillowman in the Visy Theatre at the Brisbane Powerhouse. This production was Directed by Sam Foster and featured Hayden Jones (Tupolski), Tama Matheson (Michal), Ben Warren (Katurian), Sam Foster (Ariel) and Anna Straker.



Touring Queensland Schools in 2017.  Please contact us for more information.

Created by Stefo Nantsou through extensive drama workshops in a number of regional and remote high schools in 2003, The Forwards is a tragic-comedy about friendship, alcohol-fuelled sporting culture and small town rivalries. It was published by Playlab in 2009.

The Forwards is directed by Zeal Theatre's artistic director Stefo Nantsou and stars Sam Foster, Hayden Jones and Ellen Bailey.

Three actors take the audience through a whirlwind of emotions, as the show follows the story of a small town called Pintoon where nothing ever happens…. except the footy! The town is buzzing as the 'Pintoon Parrots' finally make it to the Grand Final. Tensions boil over in the build up to the big game, leading to some devastating repercussions for the whole town. Each actor plays a number of characters from the town including the 3 star “forwards”, Hoges, Tractor and Gary Rabbit. The story is told through the eyes of Julie Carter, who is Rabbit’s girlfriend, with both roles being played by the same actress (Ellen Bailey).

A live musical score, performed by onstage musicians along with the 3 actors, complements the high-octane physical action.

The Forwards is a superb example of Zeal’s signature style of theatre, utilizing physical theatre, live music and multiple characters.

A season of The Forwards was produced by Shock Therapy Production and presented at The Arts Centre Gold Coast in July 2015. After this season a schools touring version of the show toured to several schools throughout SE Qld. The show is currently on offer for touring in 2017.



Touring Queensland Schools in 2017.  Please contact us for more information.

Inspired by a true story of a high school student who “took revenge” on a classmate who was bullying him after his father advised him to “fight back”, The Apology is a searingly honest look at the repercussions of taking revenge and the long term effects that bullying can have.

Ray Bones is being hassled by ‘the Eneme’. When a year-nine excursion to the Boggo Road Goal goes awry, Ray’s dad encourages him to pick his moment and fight back. The Apology ricochets through a five year period where the bruises of bullying refuse to heal. Told from an unbiased perspective, this powerful production forces students to decide if the punishment fits the crime.

The Apology is performed by two actors (Sam Foster and Hayden Jones), who play 18 different characters in total, without ever leaving the stage or changing costume.

Fuelled with intensity, The Apology fuses physical theatre techniques, multiple role-sharing and live music into a visceral
and dynamic piece of theatre. 

The Apology is an example of Zeal Theatre’s signature style of doing as much as possible with as little as possible.

Shock Therapy Productions produced a season of The Apology at Boggo Road Gaol in 2015 as part of the Anywhere Festival. The Apology is currently on offer for touring in 2017.