Inspired by a true story of a high school student who “took revenge” on a classmate who was bullying him after his father advised him to “fight back”, The Apology is a searingly honest look at the repercussions of taking revenge and the long term effects that bullying can have.

Ray Bones is being hassled by ‘the Eneme’. When a year-nine excursion to the Boggo Road Goal goes awry, Ray’s dad encourages him to pick his moment and fight back. The Apology ricochets through a five year period where the bruises of bullying refuse to heal. Told from an unbiased perspective, this powerful production forces students to decide if the punishment fits the crime.

The Apology is performed by two actors (Sam Foster and Hayden Jones), who play 18 different characters in total, without ever leaving the stage or changing costume.

Fuelled with intensity, The Apology fuses physical theatre techniques, multiple role-sharing and live music into a visceral and dynamic piece of theatre. 

The Apology is an example of Zeal Theatre’s signature style of doing as much as possible with as little as possible.

Shock Therapy Productions produced a season of The Apology at Boggo Road Gaol in 2015 as part of the Anywhere Festival. The Apology is currently on offer for touring in 2017.

Written by: STEFO NANTSOU, Starring: SAM FOSTER  AND HAYDEN JONES. Please contact us for more information.